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Sensor technology is taking the world by storm

As our urban environments become more complex, we feel the need to get a clearer map of its workings and become more aware of its hidden processes. Sensor Development International has been serving this need for many years now, developing technology that gives insight into the movement of people and objects in society, by rendering the art of counting into a perfection.
Real-time monitoring of people and objects in a determined space over time gives us possibilities to recognize patterns and trends. This digitization of motion opens the door to a new kind of efficiency.

IMMOTION™ – I Map Motion

We Map motion. Once our devices have captured motion, you can read the map. Analyzing people traffic is critical in order to estimate your business opportunities. People counting provides you with a wide variety on real-time metrics as well as conversion rates and it keeps track of your KPI’s. This is of great importance for maximizing e.g. store performance and increasing profits. Our technology allows you to effectively adjust store processes and ultimately improve business, maximize results, and profit through efficiency!


Highly accurate

Discover how accurate counting can lead to efficiency and maximized results


Innovative technology

Learn how we re-invented technology on horizontal counting solutions


for your convenience

See how our user-friendly counting solutions can make any space intelligent

easy as one, two, three

IMMOTION™ counting solutions are appreciated worldwide for its accurate counting and user-friendly approach.
From retail stores to libraries and museums, our technology has become the benchmark for people counting solutions.
Over a billion counts made and still counting strong!
Follow our three step plan to create your own intelligent space.

1. start counting

Rendering the art of counting into a perfection! Accurate counting is the key principle for creating intelligent spaces. From People Counting and capturing merchandising data in retail stores to monitoring the quality of the air in a given environment, we have the right solution for everyone.

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2. start mapping

Count data is stored within the Sensor Platform and can be accessed locally on a display or remotely by using the free SensorServer software or Cloud based solution.
Once the hardware and software is installed data is collected automatically by the Sensor Platform.
A database of mapped data containing location, time and count information is available for further analysis.

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3. reading the map

Time for evaluation. Find out the effects of (new) competition, evaluate environmental changes or evaluate the success of marketing campaigns. Find out how your business has become intelligent and benefit from gained results for your future business strategy!

The benefits


As the Internet of Things is becoming a reality, Sensor Development International is creating a solid basis for it to operate on. Our Counting Systems and Platform make it possible to accurately map the environment and get better insights into it. We CAPTURE MOTION so you can analyze it!

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With over 15 years of experience in the research and development of Sensor Technology, Sensor Development International offers a wide array of innovative and cost-effective Sensor based products.

Together with specialized partners, Sensor Development International has developed Sensors that can provide information regarding specific measurements. Along with our IMMOTION Counting Solutions, Sensor Development International provides solutions in the field of air quality, acoustic levels, energy consumption, and duration of certain activities. IMMOTION Counting Solutions are being developed with today’s requirements and future possibilities in mind. We believe that functionality, flexibility and reliability are key principles, along with easy access to relevant information. Our Counting Solutions are used for different types of industries, e.g. retail stores, shopping malls, exhibition stands, libraries, universities and other public sector facilities.


  • Retail/ Shoppings malls

    Count the number of visitors in different areas at retail stores and shopping malls. (Wireless) infrared visitor counters detect the direction of visitors’ movement and collects data through our Sensor Platform. Create various, valuable reports.

  • Universities/ Public sector

    Counting daily traffic at universities, convention halls, sports complexes, museums, libraries, public transportation etc., people-counts provide many benefits. With real-time tracking, one can find out where most pedestrian traffic is located. Improve promotional activities, optimize staffing and use people counter-data to plan marketing strategies. Use people counter-data for facility management and crowd management.

  • Public safety

    Wireless sensors can be deployed in urban areas to monitor the concentration of e.g. Air pollution, Traffic, Water quality monitoring etc.


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